About Us - Company History

1987: Founding of ODIN Schiffsausrüstung GmbH. After almost 20 years of practical experience, the trained wholesale and foreign trade merchant Gerald Küver joins his former partner. They both found ODIN Schiffsausrüstung located in Bremerhaven’s fishing port. First trade deals are entered into with Icelandic fishing trawlers, commercial shipping companies, pilotage authorities and tugboat shipping companies.

1995: After both partners have led the company for eight years, the two decide to move in different directions. Gerald Küver becomes the sole CEO and owner of ODIN Schiffsausrüstung GmbH. Due to the company’s long-term experience in the logistics and ship outfitting sector, it grows fast from a regionally active business into one that is known beyond Europe’s borders. As a result, the already established business relations can be expanded to encompass the cruise ship business, mostly for river cruises.

1999 - 2000: The continuing growth of the company and its increasing number of customers leads to capacity constraints, which are cured by replacing the now too small business premises with newly erected office and storage locations. The old company headquarters are completely given up, and a new building “Unter der Rampe 5” is set up. It is ready for occupancy at the beginning of the year 2000.

2003: To set a new course for the future and to meet actual requirements, another expansion takes place in late fall 2003. First, the company’s storage capacity is doubled. Besides orders from all parts of Germany, ship outfittings in Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Hungary now determine the company’s everyday business.

2004: After she has obtained her German high school diploma and completed her apprenticeship in trading, Daniela Küver, daughter of the company founder, joins the company.

2006: Continuous expansion and fostering of the company’s business activities. The company’s tradition as a family-run business is further cemented by Daniela Küver’s positioning as a company manager.

2007: 20-year anniversary of ODIN Schiffsausrüstung GmbH. At the same time, a second ODIN business location “Unter der Rampe 10” is opened to compensate for newly emerged storage constraints. On an area of about 2,000 square meters, the new hall features a new cold store, a dry store warehouse, as well as additional office space.

2008: Expansion of the new freight transfer depots in Nuremberg and Jülich as well as of the transport fleet in Bremerhaven to gain greater efficiency and flexibility in reaching customers and guarantee their satisfaction.

2010: After she has obtained her German high school diploma and completed her food industry studies, the company founder’s second daughter, Sandra Görlitz, also joins the company. Besides river cruise lines, ocean cruise lines have also become customers of ODIN Schiffsausrüstung GmbH.

2011: A new hall for empties was built next to the building "Unter the Rampe 10" and the office "Unter the Rampe 5" was increased.

2012: 25-years company-jubilee. The fleet of the company increased to 18 own trucks and the employee is always growing further to about 75 people during the season.

2013: The second daughter Sandra also becomes a manager. The company decides to buy a warehouse with office space. At the end of 2013 they move to this building, which is in the industrial area “Weißenstein” in Bremerhaven. The old building “Unter der Rampe 5” is sold.

2014: The building “Unter der Rampe 10” will retain and rebuilt to a complete frozen stock. This measure was financed by the Land of Bremen and Bremer Aufbau-Bank GmbH. The fleet of the company increased to 20 own trucks. The number of employees during the season is about 100 staff.

2015: Another building in Schiffdorf is rented. Since mid-year the third daughter Katharina Leers is also employed by the company after finishing her apprenticeship for wholesale and foreign trade.

2016: Due to insufficient capacity in the "Weißenstein 6" building, it was decided in 2016 to build a new building in Schiffdorf. After the planning phase, construction of the new building began in October 2016.

2017: In Oberferrieden (near Nürnberg) another warehouse with an area of 1400m² incl. cooling surfaces was rented. In October 2017, the new construction started in 2016 in Schiffdorf was completed and moved into. The warehouse measures approx. 8000m², the office building approx. 700m². The building "Weißenstein 6" is rented.

2018: The construction of a new cold storage next to the new building in Schiffdorf is planned in order to handle all deliveries from one location. Sandra Görlitz resigns from the management. For this, her husband, Torben Görlitz will be the successor manager, after eight years seniority.

Investments in this company have been financed by: the European Union structural funds from the ERDF: "European Regional Development Fund"
EUROPEAN UNION European Regional Development Fund
The construction of our factory in Schiffdorf, Am Fernsehturm 5, as well as the purchase of machinery, systems and equipment used there, is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.