Our Assortment of Goods

Chosen category: Canned fish

Art.-Nr. Article description
170 Anchovis (Sardellen) 630ml/600g
176 Bismarckheringe 3 Ltr.
7952 Crabmeat 170g
255 Garnelen in Lake 1,5 Ltr.
240 Heringsfilet Fischfein 200g diverse Saucen
200 Heringsfilet in Tomate 200g
210 Kaviar, deutsch 100g
6284 Krebsbutter 425ml/340g
230 Lachskaviar 100g-Glas
237 Matjesfilet in Öl 3 Ltr.
252 Rollmops 3 Ltr.
272 Surimi Crabmeat 1 Kg
273 Thunfisch in Öl 2/1
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