Our Assortment of Goods

Chosen category: Honey and Nutella

Art.-Nr. Article description
10777 Akazienhonig 100 x 8g
11383 Akazienhonig 500g Dreyer
11818 Bio Blütenhonig 450g
6784 Erdnuss Butter in Portionen 240x10g
586 Erdnuss-Butter 350g
11384 Heidehonig 500g Dreyer
11385 Heidekrone Honig 500g Dreyer
7301 Honig 2,5 Kg
6618 Honig 500g
8564 Honig in Portionen 100x20g
6787 Kürbisblütenhonig 500g
8680 Langnese Flotte Biene Wildblüte 500g
9771 Nuss - Nougat Creme 400g
1694 Nutella 400g
1675 Nutella in Portionen 120x15g
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