Our Assortment of Goods

Chosen category: Kelloggs and muesli

Art.-Nr. Article description
2145 Bio Müsli Basismischung 500g
3092 Bircher Müsli 5 Kg
2947 Cornflakes 750g
9868 Früchtemüsli 1 Kg
10223 Kelloggs All Bran 500g
7975 Kelloggs Chocos 600g
7486 Kelloggs Cornflakes 500g
6909 Kelloggs Country Store Früchte Müsli 32x40g
715 Kelloggs Frosties 375g
5656 Kelloggs Honey Loops 375g
717 Kelloggs Rice Crispis 375g
714 Kelloggs Smacks 375g
10231 Kelloggs Special K 40x30g
6872 Kelloggs Spezial K 375g
736 Schokomüsli 1 Kg
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