Our Assortment of Goods

Chosen category: Sweets

Art.-Nr. Article description
9760 Bonbon-Mischung 5Kg Hirsch / Krt.
4412 Bounty Minis 400g
4452 Feodora Pralines 40x7,5g/Pkt.
5205 Mars Celebrations 200g
4405 Mars Funsize 20 Stck 400g
4406 Merci Schokolade 250g
4400 Milka Naps 1 Kg
4391 Mozartkugeln Barock 6er/120g
11059 Müsliriegel Cranberry 8x25g Brüggen
8475 Müsliriegel Schoko 8x25g Brüggen
8517 Pralinenmischung 400g
4305 Pringles 12x40g
4423 Raffaello Ferrero 230g
1656 Ritter Sport Schoko-Würfel 240g
7479 Ritter Sport Vollmilch 100g
4443 Toblerone Gold 6 x 50g
4413 Twix Funsize 19 Stck/400g
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