Our Assortment of Goods

Chosen category: Tea bags

Art.-Nr. Article description
5865 Eisteepulver Pfirsich 1 Kg Krüger
6563 Eisteepulver Zitrone 1 Kg Krüger
1621 Kamillentee 20 Btl.
1637 Lipton Breakfast Tee 25 Btl.
1652 Lipton Kamille 25 Btl.
1632 Lipton Pfefferminze 25 Btl.
1629 Lipton St. Earl Grey 25 Btl.
1647 Lipton Tchae Orient 25 Btl.
1624 Lipton Teebeutel 100er
1626 Lipton Yellow Teebeutel 25er EVP
8265 Messmer Earl Grey 25er Blaue Linie
8273 Messmer English Breakfast Tea 25er Blaue Linie
1612 Messmer Tee grün 25er
1614 Messmer Tee schwarz-Classic 25er
1633 Pfefferminztee 20 Btl.
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